In times of crisis, flexible work in the office, on the go and from home is becoming increasingly important. We support you quickly and pragmatically:

Strategy and concept development

Our approach to flexible infrastructure is designed in such a way that the day-to-day operation of a company is maintained as best as possible and offers the greatest possible flexibility while complying with labor law and legal requirements.

Based on this, we have outlined solutions that help your company to ensure customer satisfaction, and therefore propose to implement a modern mobile infrastructure.

Our approach can be easily integrated into existing core systems and can enable companies to take advantage of better productivity in the entire workflow. It is also very important that we provide training and support as part of this new solution, which ensures that your employees are able to work in no time and recognize the concrete improvements in the areas of personal productivity, customer satisfaction and expanded opportunities.


Selection of hardware and software as well as connection e.g. with the definition of a “plug and play” job:

  • The core is a modern business laptop
  • Specification of specifications (Intel Core i5 CPU, min. 8 GB RAM, better 16GB RAM, min 256GB SSD, better 512GB SSD)
  • Definition of brands (e.g. HP, Lenovo, Dell, Apple, Microsoft)
  • Defining the budget
  • Definition of additional equipment (mobile headset, Kensington lock (anti-theft device)
  • If necessary. Grading according to different activities and areas of responsibility
  • Replacement equipment storage / care package solutions
    • Replacement insurance, e.g. three-year on-site replacement of a defective device the next working day
    • Storage of “old devices” as replacement devices


Help with implementation

  • Formation of a pilot group and start of implementation
    • Equipment and testing of hardware and software in practice in a small group of colleagues
    • Development of specifications (e.g. folder structure in teams, how are new projects created)
    • Priorities of modern work are put together, serves as a basis e.g. for later training
    • Suggestions for improvement, changes, fine-tuning with regard to equipment, learning content and focus of work
  • Roll out to all employees
    • Provision of hardware and software for all employees
    • Installation of all components
    • Training of employees (how do I work in the office, on the go, at home), e.g. how do I use teams for better / faster customer communication or internally.
    • Support in the start-up phase

Talk to us for your individual implementation!