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How do we understand Digital Transformation? And how do we turn this megatrend into practice that our customers live and increase efficiency? As an answer, find a few of our most exciting references below.

Together with a building society and its employees, we developed a new concept for increasing productivity and satisfaction. From the room concept to home office control and technical equipment (hardware, software, collaboration tools), the challenge was solved holistically.
Result: Motivated employees, 15% reduction in building costs, 27% increase in service level, 19% increase in earnings

We have tailor-made a new eCommerce strategy for a holiday home provider. From a new website to innovative features such as Quick-Booking and Searchengine Advertising & Optimization, all aspects were considered.
Result: Doubling the booking figures while increasing the margin by 22%.

We helped an engineering firm with a product innovation to accelerate oil production expand into the american market. A go-to market was created, potential partners were contacted, documents translated, negotiations conducted in English and concluded.
Result: The number of markets covered was greatly expanded.

For a medium-sized automotive supplier, we developed an integration strategy for employees in service and production without their own computers. The integration has improved shift planning, expanded feedback and improved quality control.
Result: 8% less error rate, 12% fast time-to-market for new products and 18% fewer complaints

For a high school with a high proportion of disadvantaged pupils, we developed an IT and integration strategy. Training in important programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as search strategies on the Internet, verification of information, handling of social media, presentation techniques and anti-bullying strategies are taught. The base is provided by 82 computers, which have been specially provided for this purpose through specially won partners.
Result: Several hundred students have been trained and have been given a uniform foundation for education and study

We advised a physiotherapy practice on the resource-saving implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In doing so, it is important to inform employees and patients, to comply with the legal requirements and to establish a rule on the handling of personal data and to make it transparent.
Result: Despite strong concerns of the owner at the beginning, a way was found to limit the administrative effort, while at the same time implementing all legal requirements.

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