Introduction, design and implementation of an Employee Experience Platform (EXP)

If we look beyond the current situation, we need to make companies fit for the future and define the work of tomorrow. There are multiple requirements.

Anforderung an eine moderne Employee Experience Plattform

Connect, align and inspire everyone by strengthening culture and communication, be it through know-how transfer, information provision and fast delivery of relevant knowledge. This is what we would also call (Social) Intranet 4.0.

Strive for a balance between productivity and well-being. If you foster a culture where people can do their best work, your organizations will thrive as well. Identify overloads and manage healthy service delivery. Manage resources and workload with foresight.

Truly leverage your organization’s knowledge and expertise! Use intelligent search, which not only provides files, but also contacts and further references. Provide a collaboration platform that lets people and teams go above and beyond!

Make learning and personal growth a natural part of the job. Accelerate qualification and growth. Individual training programs ensure that your employees are prepared today for the demands of tomorrow. Lifelong learning / continuous learning is indispensable here.

We start here with a joint analysis of the current situation, your vision and your objectives in order to derive the necessary project steps and elements! Together we search for the optimal approach in the context of a workshop and by using different creativity techniques.

Many buzzwords are used today. Therefore, it is helpful to work with the following definitions:

A Digital Workplace is defined as a central digital work platform or hub that provides information, tools, and services independent of location.

A social intranet is a software or online platform that promotes the exchange of information within companies. Unlike the Internet, it is only accessible to a specific group of people (employees, customers, suppliers).

Social collaboration refers to the cooperation of people in projects, groups or even teams with the help of the Internet and electronic media.

No matter what you have already implemented or what we can build on, we will see to it that you achieve a good integration into the existing infrastructure!

The outlined framework now leads to requirements for an Enterprise Experience Platform. In our opinion, we can talk about an Employee Experience Platform (EXP) if the eight elements outlined above are covered and this EXP integrates seamlessly into the existing infrastructure.

We have developed this comprehensive representation of the various components based on our experience in this area. We will work with you to customize our representation of the required elements to your individual requirements as part of our project consulting services.

Enable faster innovation cycles in your company, understand digitalization as an innovation opportunity and ensure flexible response options, even to future challenges, with an adapted organizational structure.

In doing so, it is important to ensure mobility and connectivity in the context of the NewWork. Good equipment is not a luxury or a bonus, but a prerequisite for increased productivity. Continuing education, training and education can be mapped online with suitable solutions for video conferencing, intranets, eLearning and remote engagement.

Established companies, markets and industries are subject to constant change through digitization and the innovative use of new models and automation. Only by consistently developing your existing offering and introducing disruptive technologies can you secure your position.

In the process, the pace of further development is accelerating. The ever-increasing volume, growing transparency and more complex dissemination of information require companies to confidently engage in rapid multidirectional communication. It is also necessary to rely on integrated internal and external collaboration with customers as well as partners.

The market for good employees is becoming increasingly competitive due to the low birth rate. The next generation of workers, such as the millenials, have different expectations of employers, are demanding in terms of the scope and purpose of their work, and expect to be given responsibility quickly. Companies must be properly positioned here and be able to deliver a sustainable value proposition.

Older employees bring a lot of experience and know-how with them. They are no longer to be regarded merely as an annoying cost factor, but give the company standing in complicated negotiations and projects. Preventable mistakes are avoided due to knowledge gained from previous projects. Collaboration with Millenials and other groups also results in creative solutions that have a solid background.


Successful projects are characterized by combining communication, knowledge, learning, resources and insights into a holistic experience that enables people and teams to give their best from anywhere. Ease of use and user acceptance are also critical.

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