In the current crisis there was a huge push in digitization. Above all, collaboration and video conferencing solutions were purchased and provided quickly and unbureaucratically.

In many cases, however, the involvement of users fell by the wayside. Either there was only a brief introduction or no training at all. Or, beyond the chat and video conference functions, options for integration into Microsoft 365 or company processes were not used.

As a long-standing Strategy Lead Modern Workplace (responsible for Microsoft 365, Office, Teams, Project & Visio) at Microsoft, I know these challenges and how to solve them successfully. As an independent consultant, I can now offer tried and tested, cost-effective solutions from small-  to medium-sized businesses.

The aim of our approach is to make investments made more valuable, to use potential and to increase efficiency. Employees who are trained and involved use tools more and better, acceptance increases and with it the opportunity to generate more sales.

Depending on the level of maturity / development, our service packages start:


Service package “S”: Use MS Teams in the right way!

Beginners training / workshop: 1999, – Euro (2x 4 hours, joint preparation and post-processing of meaningful use, training and Q&A) Set up exemplary teams for the employees involved Explain basic functions and try them out together: VideoConferencing & Chat Introduction to creating wiki / sharing files.


Service package “M”: Getting started with MS Teams!

Advanced training / workshop: 5,999 euros (2x 8 hours, joint preparation and post-processing of a meaningful use, training and Q&A) Set up channels as an example (explain structure and options) Organize project Teams (better collaboration) Collaboration across company boundaries.


Service package “L”: Maxing out MS Teams!

Teams of experts training / workshop: 9999 euros (3x 3 hours, joint preparation and post-processing of a meaningful use, training and Q&A) Sales work via teams (explain scenarios like 1: 1 advice or 1: few / few marketing & sales of new digital customer channels such as online wine tasting) Support technicians / field staff (technical support via teams) Implement training concepts (employees are taught using the “train the trainer” approach.


Service package “XL”: The sky is the limit!

Individual team workshop: on request (from 9999, – Euro) Webinars / staff day / partner conference Online product marketing Community building


Talk to us to find the right service package for you! Or we can design something in alignment with your specific needs…