Here, it is not a matter of pulling the most suitable solution out of the drawer, but of working out together what the goal of the project is.

Innovative, disruptive projects require a special approach

It is important to involve all those providing valuable input and to jointly develop a common vision. This vision must be subjected to a strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/risks (SWOT) analysis.

An honest analysis of whether the vision found also fits the company is just as essential as a critical examination of whether it can be implemented in the current and future framework conditions. Barriers must be overcome and prerequisites created.


1. Introduction and analysis

  • Recording customer requirements in dialog
  • Ensuring the involvement of the employees involved
  • Development of a vision e.g. in a workshop
  • SWOT analysis
  • Feedback discussion/contribution of further ideas
  • Analysis of existing infrastructure, main areas of use
  • Analysis of existing manufacturers and licenses

Development of the rough target picture (“Our vision”)

Once the vision has been formulated and the framework conditions have been created, the next step is implementation. Here, good planning involving all affected employees is important for success. Prioritization of tasks is just as important as the allocation of resources in order to achieve the desired results. The necessary training of the employees serves the acceptance and increases the productivity and is by no means only “nice-to-have”. Finally, ambitious but realistic time planning is indispensable.


2. Clarification and implementation of requirements

  • Target/actual analysis of number of users, fields of application, possible uses, licenses
  • Clarify the involvement of the employees to be included
  • Define migration paths from actual to target environment
  • Which workloads will be migrated?
  • In what order (prioritization)?
  • Which workloads will be archived/retired (may no longer be needed)?
  • Which new workloads will be added?
  • Which employees need which training to complete the tasks?
  • What other support is needed?
  • What are the timelines/timeframes?

Development of the rough project plan (“Our Sprint”).


We always keep the three most important areas of innovation, technology and employee involvement in mind as guarantors for success.

Within the framework of our Accelerated Growth / Growth Hacking – DTPA approach, we will be happy to accompany you from concept development, integration into existing concepts, repositioning, through technical realization, to follow-up as needed.


Our Background:

As a long-time Strategy Lead Modern Workplace (Microsoft 365, Office, Teams) and Partner Manager at Microsoft, I know the challenges and how to solve them successfully. As an independent consultant, I can now offer you proven & cost-effective solutions.

With over 150 successfully completed projects, we can draw on a wealth of experience and offer the right approach for you as well. We are at home in a wide range of industries and know all target groups, B2B or B2C, old or young, digital native or newcomer.


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