“Never let a crisis go to waste” (Winston Churchill).

Especially in the current situation, it is important to highlight your strengths, improve channels to the customer, optimize internal processes, and create a work environment that inspires your employees. Provide them with the tools, information and collaboration opportunities they need. This directly impacts productivity, well-being and engagement for your business.


Markets are increasingly shaped by the buying power of customers

This, along with advancing digitalization, requires new business models to be commercially successful. Here, it is important to think holistically. Innovation is not just the task of IT. Existing business models must also be revised.


In times of crisis, shortcomings come to light more clearly

Your business model suddenly no longer works? Are you experiencing a sharp drop in sales? Use these circumstances as an opportunity: optimize your core business and go new ways with us.
On the positive side, previous conditions no longer apply. Size and market share alone are no guarantee of success. Smart solutions, new ideas and the right implementation offer companies of all sizes undreamt-of opportunities today.

Together with you, we work out your further development and support you in implementing it

We help you to work out your individual requirements, there is no “one size fits all”. Therefore it is important to always work out the idea, strategy as well as goals clearly and to implement individual solutions.


Within the scope of our services, we will gladly accompany you from the individual solution creation, the integration into existing concepts, the repositioning to the technical realization and the follow-up, depending on your needs. Move into the fast lane with us!

Lay the foundation for a successful future with us today!

Years of experience in consulting, implementation and support as well as more than 150 successfully completed projects give you the security to choose the right partner with us.

Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with us (also available as a video conference). You can reach us by eMail at martin.arnold@dtpa.tech or by phone +49 2236322001. You are also welcome to contact Martin Arnold directly on his cell phone +49 1573 3706464.