With the current situation, stronger cuts and a prolonged 2nd lockdown, department heads, divisional managers and managing directors have to ask themselves how they can continue to gain access to their employees.

In the past few months, many companies have adopted digital tools at record speed. However, many companies often fail to take advantage of their opportunities. Video conferences and chat are now used as a matter of course, but mostly only ad hoc and not structured.

Here it is important to show the corporate strategy and approaches, to take the employees with you and to motivate them at the same time. Since this will mostly be done online due to the current restrictions, we will give tips in a keynote speech on how you can best present yourself, tackle tasks together and let employees look positively into the future despite adverse circumstances.


We are happy to offer the opportunity to discuss your own scenarios and challenges together and to advise you as part of our potential analysis and strategic planning – DTPA.

As managing director, Martin Arnold and his consulting company advise medium-sized and large companies on all issues relating to digital transformation: martin.arnold@dtpa.tech.