Just as Teams has transformed collaboration and productivity, Microsoft Loop is the next big breakthrough in Microsoft 365.

The concept

Microsoft Loop is a new app that combines a powerful and flexible workspace with portable components that can move freely and sync across applications. Microsoft Loop consists of three elements Loop Components, Loop Pages and Loop Workspaces.

The individual elements

Loop workspaces are shared areas where you and your team can see and group everything that is important to your project. This makes it easy to see what everyone is working on and track progress toward common goals.

Loop pages are flexible canvases that let you organize your components and add helpful elements like links, files, or data in a way that suits your specific project needs. Loop pages can start small and grow with the size of your ideas.

Loop components are ultimately small units of productivity that allow you to collaborate in the flow of your work – on a loop page or in a chat, email, meeting, or document. Loop components can be as simple as lists, spreadsheets, and notes or as complex as a customer sales opportunity from Dynamics 365.

And because components stay in sync no matter how many places they appear, you’re always working with the latest information. That might be a list shared in a Teams channel that can also be edited in a Loop page, or notes in a calendar entry that can also be pasted into Outlook and edited in real-time in an email.

Usage across different applications

These components can also exist in the main Microsoft Loop hub, in what Microsoft calls shared Loop workspaces. It’s almost like a project board where you can see a list of all Loop components and Loop pages and who is currently working on them. Think of it like a modern file explorer where everything is live and collaborative.

Microsoft Loop spans Microsoft 365 applications such as Outlook, Teams and OneNote and will be rolled out later this year and next.


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