If you plan to grow your business and need support, we are the right partner at your side!

With over 16 years in companies like Adobe and Microsoft, but also local mid-sized tech providers, serving the German, Central European and EMEA markets, we know how to enter, expand and win in these markets.

Think global, act local!

A solid network in public and private sector, B2B and B2C experience plus the right mix of distributors, strategic partnerships and skilled service providers are the key to success here.

Furthermore, it is essential to know local sales as well as marketing approaches and understand purchase processes and criteria, work with influencers and media. A good service strategy plus winning reference customers lead to success

No matter if you are a hardware, software or services business (or all together) we can elevate you to the next level.

Let us advise and support you

We supported many companies already successfully in entering foreign markets. Years of experience in consulting, implementation and support as well as more than 150 successfully completed projects give you the confidence to choose the right partner with us.

Within the framework of our Accelerated Growth / Growth Hacking – DTPA approach, we will be happy to accompany you from concept development, integration into existing concepts, repositioning, through realization, to follow-up.

Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment with us (also available as video conference). You can reach us by eMail at martin.arnold@dtpa.tech.