Many large corporations such as SAP, but also medium-sized companies, have already announced that they will continue to offer their employees a flexible working model even after the pandemic. Working from home, on the road, or from your favorite coffee shop is becoming the “new normal.” This meets employee needs and desires, brings more productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

Be better positioned than the competition, enable rigid or flexible work – that will make a difference. Be prepared and put yourself on the winning side. We would be happy to advise you on the introduction and implementation of flexible working models!


Getting started is easy – with performance agreements

There are a few framework conditions that need to be created for flexible working. First of all, performance agreements have to be made, e.g. “In the next quarter, three events will be planned and executed” or “We will introduce the new collection in four countries”.

In this way, employees and bosses define in measurable terms when an employee has met or even exceeded expectations and when he or she has not. It is then irrelevant whether the employee spends half the day swimming in an outdoor pool or sitting in the office. It is the result that counts, not the presence at the workplace.

There are employees who prefer to work in the office or who have difficulty managing themselves. Those who prefer a traditional way of working are welcome to do so. Just don’t force anyone to do so.


Flexible working requires communication and feedback

When departments or teams work flexibly, it is important to ensure that the necessary information flows. Regular meetings, information exchange, but also the view of the boss as well as the team members on the well-being of each individual are just as important as the possibility to give feedback and make suggestions for improvement.


Trust and team events create a “we” feeling

Flexible working thrives on trust. A valued colleague once told me, “If you don’t trust employees in your home office, you won’t trust them in your office.” There’s some truth to that, and it’s important to examine your own attitude.

Instead, rely on trust and use team events to strengthen the feeling of togetherness and further develop the “team spirit”. With flexible working, it is still important that all employees meet regularly in person and also have other sides and topics than just current projects or deadlines as a topic. In addition, take advantage of the creativity of your employees and let the framework conditions develop with them!


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