Three ways to boost sales and get happier customers with Viva Sales

It’s an open secret that a good customer relationship is important to the success of a business. Employees want to spend more time with customers so they can give them better advice.

But to be as successful as possible – and to support the success of their sales organization – employees need to capture and keep customer engagement data up to date while staying in the flow of the work.

More time with the customer without too much administration to do?

That’s where Microsoft Viva Sales comes in:


1. get rid of forms

Viva Sales automatically collects data from all Microsoft 365 apps across all customer touchpoints, so salespeople don’t have to manually enter data. Skip data entry with Viva Sales. Viva Sales is a sales app that works with any CRM.


2. connect the data

Viva Sales gives you Conversation Intelligence in Teams calls, automatically with a summary, call transcript, and helpful KPIs like average call speed and call-to-listener ratio. With Viva Sales, you get actionable insights in real time.


3. boost sales

Viva Sales delivers AI-driven recommendations that create a better salesperson experience and optimize the next logical step for more project success. With Viva Sales, you know what to do next.

It’s the best way to increase productivity and get your reps back to what they want – more time to spend with customers.


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